Never Mislead the Public



Baby Sitting

Horror Movie: Hens Sitting Around a Microwave Oven

The Best Cartoons: Horror Movie, hens sitting around a microwave oven and seeing chiken being roasted - Best Cartoons

Buy Me an iPhone

Jimmy, Answer Me! Please!

Be Nice to Fat People

Where is the P?

 This is Called ‘Generation Gap’

101 Tricks

Eat Out of a Different Parking Lot

Doctors’ Strike

Uncivilised Muslims


Problem Solved

 Hello, Grandma!

Dad I’m Hungry

Newly Born Baby. Choosing a baby’s name is as difficult as getting a favorite email account.


Is Marriage that Expensive?

Careful–Taliban Around


Taliban are Safe, as Usual

USA Wants Pakistan to Do More

Original S.U.V.


Marriage is “Ladoo Moti Choor. “Jiss nay khaya woh bhee pitchthaya, jiss nay nahi khaya woh bhee pitchthaya.”


Illegal Immigrants in USA


Was it the Biggest Blunder by Man?


  1. amama says:

    Nice collection……..

  2. Maj (R) Shamim Ghazanfar says:

    Very funny post with good and decent cartoons. Keep it up!!

  3. Shahid Khan says:

    This website is called ‘Native Pakistan’, then surely the cartoons displayed should be promoting the Pakistani Cartoonist. Have a look, there are many out there. And also perhaps tasteful selection which isn’t in any way offensive to any one group – example the ‘Be nice to fat people’!!! You are representing Pakistan – make an effort at least and not just take from already published web material – what does that say about Pakistan??

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