“Courage, Calmness and Camaraderie of Capt Raheel Sharif”

Courage of Capt Raheel Sharif.

By Maj Ehsan Ullah, Retd (60 PMA L/C)

Maj Ehsan Ullah, 6 FF (60th PMA Long Course)Editor’s Note: Maj Ehsan Ullah is from 6 FF. He got commission in October 1979, took early retirement in 1994 and moved to USA in 1998.

In 1981, while I was serving in Northern Areas (Now Gilgit-Baltistan) in my unit 6 FF,Courage of Capt Raheel Sharif - Photo of Capt Raheel Sharif - Resolute calmness of Raheel Sharif I went to Gilgit from Kamri (Astore Sector) to proceed on leave to Rawalpindi. In Gilgit, I stayed with my unit officer Captain Raheel Sharif (Now COAS), who was at that time GSO-3 in an Infantry Brigade. Capt Raheel Sharif too had plans to go on leave. Gen Imtiaz Warraich, who was our previous FCNA Commander and was now MS, had come to Gilgit at that time on an official visit. Capt Raheel secured two seats in the MS’s helicopter which was flying back to Pindi.

The next day we boarded the Puma helicopter. During the flight, when we were ahead of Chilas, there was a heavy smoke in the rear where the passengers were sitting. The pilot landed the chopper safely on KKH (Kararkoram Highway) short of Pattan.

Courage of Capt Raheel Sharif - Puma Helicopter of Pakistan Army - Resolute calmness of Raheel Sharif

The moment the doors opened everybody jumped out and as a natural instinct ran away from the chopper. I was standing with Capt Raheel Sharif waiting for my turn to run. The moment I was about to run, he held me from behind and said, “Laalay, kithay nuss riya aine?

I said, “Sir, let’s go, can’t you see the smoke in the helicopter? It may catch fire any moment.”

With a smile on his face, he said, “Assee crew nu chad kay kis tarah jaa sakday aan?

I was mortified to hear this and felt so sheepish. Everybody standing far away was shouting for us to be clear off the chopper. Capt Raheel Sharif did not leave until the smoke was cleared and the crew was out.

The pilots and the Flight Engineer found out that the smoldering fire had started due to short circuiting of a wireless set antenna wire. The flight continued to Pindi after determining that there was no damage to the helicopter.

Editor’s Note: Maj Shaukat Ibrahim (1st SSC) was the captain of Puma helicopter and Maj Mansoor (PMA Course?) was the copilot. It was found that a small smoldering fire had started due to short circuiting of HF set antenna wire located at the back of the helicopter. Maj Shaukat got a TBt (Tamgha-e-Basalat) for displaying coolness and professionalism in handling an in-flight emergency which could otherwise have resulted in a disaster.

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  1. Maj Faheem Akhter (87 PMA L/C) says:

    Though I feel myself too small to say something about a great personality, but I am proud of being a member of Army which is led by Tigers like Gen Raheel Sharif. We are trained to stand firm & such examples give us strength to do so.

  2. Lt Col Tanveer A. Khan (Retd) 24 Cavalry (FF) 47th PMA says:

    Never in the history of Pak Army has been so overstretched & committed. Despite all odds (including the political odds) the Armed Forces have displayed professionalism to the core. The credit obviously goes to the leader who in this case is Gen Raheel Sharif. Wish our political leadership had been an iota of this selfless display.

  3. Lt Col Naeem A Khan (Retd), Air Def says:

    Ae Puttar Hatan te Naeen Wikday.
    Raheel Sharif is a Glittering Star of Pakistan Army & a Hope for this Nation. May Allah bless him with long life, health & more wisdom to serve this country.

  4. May ALLAH give strength to Gen Raheel Sharif to bring peace and tranquility in Pakistan. He has proved to be a man of nerves and In sha Allah peace will be restored in Pakistan under his leadership.

  5. Maj Tanvir Talat, Retd (1st SSC) says:

    Great post.

  6. Tahmeena Malik says:

    That is what the Pakistan Army is made of…………Men of steel with hearts of gold……..thier FAITH is immeasurable.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

  7. Col Naveed Zafar, Retd, Avn (EME) says:

    Yes, the Chief is a brave man and well done Col Shaukat Ibrahim.

  8. Well done Gen Raheel Sharif.
    Well done Col Shaukat Ibrahim and Col Mansoor.

  9. After all those who protect the Nations are the Armed Services, the sons of the soil. BUT the seniors take the honour and above all Political Leaders “Take the Cake”.

    • Nazar Rathore says:

      Raheel Sharif is a brave soldier no doubt. Also no doubt in Pakistan the cake goes to Gens only.

  10. Maj Chowdery Jawed (Retd) USA says:

    Raheel Sharif is a Real Tiger and he is there for a reason.
    May Allah bless him more to Serve Pakistan well.

  11. Col Shah Alam, Retd, Avn (34th PMA) says:

    A further proof that he (Gen Raheel) is a dedicated soldier to the core – in letter and spirit.

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