“Buffet Aftaar”, a Punjabi Poem by Parvez Akmal

By Maj Gen Parvez Akmal (42 Long Course)

Editor’s Note: Maj Gen Parvez Akmal is from Engineers. He lives in Rawalpindi after retirement. He writes Urdu and Punjabi poetry with his pen-name “PA Lala”.  Here is a one verse poem “Buffet Aftaar”.
Not many can afford a five-star ‘Buffet Aftaar ‘n’ Dinner’; some of those who can’t, but matter, still relish it often. This poem is dedicated to those public servants who shun such petty invitations from plunderers, with a thousand salutes to ‘have-nots’ who barely subsist.
Poets of Rawalpindi: Punjabi Poem "Buffet Aftaar" by Parvez Akmal - Rawalpindi Blog

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  1. Mansoor Humayon (Ex. OGDCL) says:

    Very TRUE….These Iftaar parties have become just business dinners. And these expensive buffet Iftaars are so lousy and pathetic in taste……….

  2. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (Retd) says:

    Sir, a nice poem. الله کرے زورِ قلم اور زیادہ
    But the question is how many would resist the free “Buffet Dinner”? Pakistan is here to stay as as long honest people are there.

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