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Some Bosses are Like Clouds

Funny Boss Jokes - Some Bosses are like clouds - Boss Quotes

Me & My Boss: The Difference Between My Boss and a Donkey

Funny Boss Jokes: Difference between my Boss and a donkey - Boss Quotes

Me & My Boss, My Boss is a Master Inventor

Funny Boss Jokes: My Boss creates a new excuse for every failure -  Boss Quotes

Angry Boss 

Best Boss Jokes - Angry Boss asks anout an Owl - Boss Quotes

Who is the Real Boss?

Funny Boss Jokes - A Boss taped a sign to his office door," I'm the Boss"

My Boss Texted Me

Best Boss Jokes:  My Boss texted me for funny joke - Boss Quotes

Me & My Boss: Our Office Got its First Scanner 

Best Boss Jokes: Our office got its first scanner - Boss Quotes

The Clerk’s Wife Tells Him to Ask His Boss for a Pay Raise

 Funny Boss Jokes - Wife tells him to ask his Boss for a pay raise

Genuine Reason for Sleeping in the Office

 Funny Boss Jokes - The Boss finds an employee sleeping in the office

The Boss was in a Great Mood and Narrated Some Jokes

Best Boss Jokes: On boss joke, everybody laughed except for one woman

If My Boss Doesn’t Take Back His Words

Funny Boss Jokes -  I will leave the company - Boss Quotes

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