“Between the Lines”, Witty Quotes by Zahid Zia Cheema

Editor’s Note: Zahid Zia Cheema is a Gallian (1975-80). A vast collection of his witty quotes has been added in this post under the title, ‘Between the Lines’. One has to really read between the lines to understand most of his quotes. He has promised to share more of his quotes for this website.

Phone Calls

Witty Quotes by Zahid Zia Cheema ; Phone Calls - "Between the Lines"

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution 

Witty Quotes by Zahid Zia Cheema ; Darwin's theory of Evolution - "Between the Lines"

Cackling of a Hen Not to be Mistaken for Quality of Egg

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Cackling of a hen not to be mistaken for quality of egg - "Between the Lines"

What is Truth? A lie Agreed Upon

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: What is Truth? A lie agreed upon - Between the Lines


Nothing is as Noisy as Silence 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Nothing is as noisy as Silence - Between the Lines

Bad Memory Seldom Allows You to Distort Facts

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Bad memory seldom allows you to distort facts - Between the Lines

The Perfume and the Doubt about Cleanliness

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: The perfume and the doubt about cleanliness - "Between the Lines"

Is Speaking English a Qualification? 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Is speaking English a Qualification? - "Between the Lines"

Never Repose Faith in Those Who Don’t Repose Faith in God!

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Repose faith in God - "Between the Lines"

It Doesn’t Matter if You Drown or Sink…..

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: It doesn't matter if you drown or sink - "Between the Lines"

Foolish are the Wise Who…. 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Foolish are the Wise who.... - "Between the Lines"

Nothing is Unachievable Unless You Achieve Nothing 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Nothing is unachievable unless you achieve nothing - Between the Lines

If Our Imaginations had Wings…. 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: If our imaginations had wings.... - Between the Lines

Nothing is Impossible, that Includes Impossible!

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Nothing is Impossible, that includes impossible - Between the Lines

If You Wish to Turn Back the Clock

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: If you wish to turn back the clock - "Between the Lines"

By Being Over Cautious, We…….

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: By being over cautious, we... - Between the Lines

People are Accustomed to Back Stabbing

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: People are accustomed to back stabbing - Between the Lines

Turn Back the Clock and Waste Your Time in a Different Way

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Turn back the clock and waste time in a different way - "Between the Lines"

Why Should You Obey Traffic Signals?

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Obey traffic signals if can't compete with the Sergeant - "Between the Lines"

My IQ is in Double Figures

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: My IQ is in double figures - "Between the Lines"

Secret of Not Being Worried about Worries…

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Secret of not being worried - "Between the Lines"

Hilly Resort; a Place Where the Newly weds Go for Armistice Before a War

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Hilly Resort; where the newly weds go for Armistice - "Between the Lines"

Types of Beggars 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Types of Beggars - Between the Lines

Mirrors Don’t Lie

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Mirrors don't lie - Between the Lines

Always Tell Truth in Simple Words 

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Always tell Truth in simple words - Between the Lines

We Marry to Find Excuses for Divorce!!

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: We marry to find excuses for divorce - "Between the Lines"

Most Alarming Aspect of the Race with the Devil

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Most alarming aspect of the race with the Devil - "Between the Lines"

Watching Some One Wasting Time is Better than…

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Watching some one wasting time is better than...- "Between the Lines"

 Emotional Pain is Inflicted Only Upon Sacrificial Emotional Lambs

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Emotional Pain is inflicted only upon Sacrificial Emotional Lambs - "Between the Lines"

Frenzied Fit of Autumn Cannot Hold Back Spring

Zahid Zia Cheema Quotes: Frenzied fit of Autumn cannot hold back Spring - "Between the Lines"

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  1. Muhammad Arshad says:

    Besides the actual subject I have observed one thing that younger brother of Rashid Zia Cheema is much smarter / good looking than him . The difference itself verify the theory of evolution . Cheer up Rashid , you are also a handsome .

  2. Maj (R) Shamim Ghazanfar says:

    Mr. ZZ Cheema, its a masterpiece collection of Quotes. Jeetay raho.

  3. Shuaib Tariq, Dubai says:

    Interesting and stimulating collection with a touch of humour, irony and sarcasm.

  4. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    These quotations reflect a high level of intelligence, original thinking and a subtle sense of humour.

  5. Great job Noshi Bhai!
    Looks like this page is everyone’s favourite now 🙂

  6. Ali Rashid Cheema, Saudi Arabia says:

    Very nice quotations indeed. Very creative.

  7. Good Zahid Cheema, it freshen up the mind and brings a smile. I like them because they are written by a Gallian like me {also being bit prejudice it is always a pleasure to see a Jat writing}. Regards and happy landings always.

  8. These Quotes are really wonderful. Dear Admin, thanks for giving me the link of this Page. “A Quote a Day” from this Page will be added to my Group “Friends NOT Lovers” daily 🙂

  9. Maj (R) Rehmat Elahi says:

    Well done ZZ Cheema. Its really a master piece. Just keep it up. 🙂

  10. W. June Cheema says:

    Very interesting but most of us appreciate short, down to earth quotes, and not English that is normally not spoken in our everyday life. This young man is an artist but why try so hard to impress.

  11. Lt Col (R) Akhter Hayat Malik says:

    Beautiful and innovative.

  12. Tahir Khan Kayani says:

    Quite creative transformation of one form of Art (Art of writing) to another (i.e. Visual). Very well done.

  13. Rana M. Sadiq says:

    Some of these passed over my head. I’m still as dumb as was in PMA. LOL

  14. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema says:

    Zahid, these are very intelligent quotations. I have enjoyed these thoroughly.

  15. Maj (R) Nadeem Ahmad says:

    I agree with Major Farooq Rana. Only a Gallian can come up with these. I am proud to be a Gallian. Can you get “MAD” these days?

  16. Maj (R) Farooq Rana says:

    Your quote about Kiwis is really good!! Can we add penguins too?
    Now coming to your quote “What is truth? A lie agreed upon!!” It is a very true axiom and I mostly believed in this. Similarly it is said about history that “It is a fable agreed upon.” Nice quotation!!

  17. Azam Gill, France says:

    Zahid Cheema, if you hadn’t been born, you would have had to been invented.

  18. Col Qaisar Rashid says:

    Such wisdom coming from such a young gentleman is praiseworthy. Start writing, you have the potential. Well done.

  19. Zahid Cheema, well done. These are good quotes. The readers of this website are more interested in short one-liner witty quotes.

    • Maj (R) Farooq Rana says:

      But for me all are sterling, witty quotes, nice and crisp. There used to be a magazine by the name “MAD”, that used to supply beautiful such quotes. Zahid Cheema, continue the nice work!!

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