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Why to Play Golf on Sunday?

Best Golf Humor : Why to play Golf on Sunday? - Best Golf Jokes ever

 Dean Martin’s Advice to Golfers 

Great Golf Jokes : Dean Martin's advice to Golfers - Best Golf Jokes ever

Choose Your Club Carefully

Golf Humour : Choose your Club carefully - Best Golf Jokes and Humor

Recent Survey about Caddies

Best Caddie Jokes : Survey about Caddies - Best Golf Jokes ever

What is Easier; Golf or Lawn Mowing? 

Best Golf Humor : What is easier; Golf or Lawn Mowing? - Best Golf Jokes

Lot of money in Golf; says Lee Trevino

Golf Quotes : Lot of money in Golf, says Lee Trevino - Best Golf Jokes ever

“I am a Golfaholic”, Lee Trevino

Golf Quotes : "I am a Golfaholic" says Lee Trevino - Funny Golf Jokes


A Good Drive on the 18th Hole 

Best Golf Humor ever : A good drive on the 18th hole - Best Golf Jokes

An Enthusiast Golfer’s Marriage 

Best Golf Humor : An enthusiast Golfer's Marriage - Best Golf Jokes ever

Golf, not a matter of Life or Death

Golf Humour : Is Golf a matter of Life or Death? - Best Golf Jokes ever

Best Golf Jokes: My Unmatchable Drives

Best Golf Humor : My unmatchable drives - Funny Golf Jokes

A Determined Golfer to move Heaven and Earth

Best Golf Humor : A determined Golfer to move Heaven and Earth - Best Golf Jokes

The Witty Caddie at the 18th Green

Best Caddie Jokes : The Witty Caddie at the 18th Green - Funny Caddie Jokes

Idiots Fishing in the Rain 

Best Golf Humour : Idiots fishing in the rain - Best Golf Jokes ever

Best Golf Jokes: A Woman asks an Old Golfer about her Game 

Best Golf Humor : A Woman and an old Golfer - Best Golf Jokes

Who is a Good Golf Partner?

Funny Golf Quotes : Who is a 'good' Golf partner? - Funny Golf Quotations

Best Golf Jokes: A Golfer and his expecting Wife

Golf Humor : A Golfer and his expecting wife - Best Golf Jokes ever

 Golf Balls are like Eggs. They’re white, they are sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy more.

Funny Golf Quotes : Golf Balls are like Eggs - Funny Golf Quotations

 Best Golf Jokes: Slow and Fast Golf Groups

Best Golf Quotes : Slow and fast Golf Groups - Funny Golf Quotations

Golf is Always Testing your Skill….

Funny Quotes about Golf : Golf tests your skill - Best Golf Jokes ever

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  1. Arshad Abbasi says:

    Good for making smile many who understand these Jokes and feel sorry for those who may have no clue but still have to laugh because it is a joke. Do learn golf it is good for health and you can play till an hour before meeting GOD.
    All the best.

  2. Tanveer Rafi says:

    Dear Editor,
    Really nice of you to make people smile with jokes on golfers.

    Hay!!!! all other golfers please contribute here, I know golfers know so many jokes on golf which they narrate to there playing partners specially when not playing good and all golfers often not play good.

    Your first joke reminds me of a similar one; here it is:

    A fellow comes home after golf one Sunday afternoon, falls asleep on the couch, and doesn’t wake up until about 9 PM. His wife asks why he is so tired. “Well, You remember George, my golfing buddy? He died today, on the fourth green.”

    “That’s terrible, it must have been awful” she says. “It sure was,” he says, “For the next 14 holes it was drive, drag George, chip, drag George, putt, drag George…”

    • Tahir Mahmood says:

      Hahahaha! Real good one. It’s true even with better players’ ego when you are playing better than them 🙂

  3. Brig (R) Aslam Khan (33 PMA L/C) says:

    Thanks a lot to make people smile in this depressing environment.

  4. Lt Col (R) Javaid Iqbal, UK says:

    I am playing a charity match tomorrow, keeping these jokes in my bag as well to share with team members.

    I’ve invited Gen Khateer as well, let’s see if he joins me tomorrow.

  5. Arooj Nasim, Saudi Arabia says:

    Excellent Jokes, Golfers will always be golfers…and that’s me!!!

  6. Masood Alam says:

    Good collection. Well done.

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