History & Photos of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi Pics - Platform of Baddomalhi Railway Station - Baddomalhi History and Photos

Baddomalhi History and Photos.

By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (Retd)

Baddomalhi is a town at the right bank of River Ravi, located 35 miles northeast of Lahore. It was previously part of Sialkot District. On July 1, 1991, Narowal District was formed and Baddomalhi became a part of Narowal Tehsil and District. Baddomalhi town was founded by a Malhi, Muhammad Jani, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Baddomalhi is an agricultural region having very fertile land. Its Basmati rice is very famous which is exported and liked all over the world. There are many Rice Husking Mills in the town to cater for the domestic and international demand of rice.

History of Malhis: The Malhi is a sub-caste of Jat. Malhis live in Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab. The Malhis living in Pakistan are Muslims while those living in India are Hindus and Sikhs.

Once Malhis controlled the city of Multan, its surrounding areas, and parts of the Malwa region of Rajasthan but by the time the Alexander the Great arrived in Indian subcontinent, their hold was reduced only to Multan. Alexander laid siege on Multan after the brave Malhis refused his demand of unconditional surrender. However, the Malhis were defeated at the end of the prolonged siege. After this battle, Alexander’s army refused to march deeper into the Indian subcontinent and headed toward Persia. A common theory is that Alexander sustained an arrow injury during that siege which later led to his death.

 Baddomalhi History and Photos - Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor - Baddomalhi Pics

Shah Jahan

After this defeat, no worthwhile mention of  Malhis is found in the recorded history. When the rivers in the Multan area began to dry up, the Malhi tribe moved towards the more fertile land and settled in North-East Punjab. One of the ancestors of Malhis was Baddo. One of his descendants, Rai Jani, converted to Islam and was called Muhammad Jani. During the rule of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Muhammad Jani accepted Islam and also helped in converting to Islam a large number of Malhi clan, and in turn he was given a very big Jagir by Shah Jahan. This Jagir extended from Eminabad (Gujranwala district) to Naurangabad (now in India). Muhammad Jani founded Baddomalhi town and named it after one of his ancestors Baddo. He made Baddomalhi the centre of his Jagir.

Location of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos -Map of Baddomalhi - Images/Pictures of Baddomalhi

Local Map of Baddomalhi 

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Local Map of Baddomalhi - Images/Pictures of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; “Lord Malhi”, a Renowned Politician from BaddomalhiChaudhry Naseer Ahmad Malhi (1913 – 1991), commonly known as “Lord Malhi”, was  a resident of Baddomalhi. He was a leading member of the Muslim League and had very active role in Pakistan Movement. He later served as West Pakistan’s Minister for Law, Education and Parliamentary Affairs in 1955.

Lord Malhi was also head of Pakistan’s delegation to the Geneva Conference in 1955. At this conference, he delivered a speech defending the rights of Afro-Asian countries. He also led Pakistan’s delegation to the United Nations and addressed the United Nations assembly on the political challenges facing South Asia.

Lord Malhi refused all salaries while in office.

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Lord Malhi (Ch. Naseer Ahmad Malhi) - Images/Pictures of Baddomalhi

 Baddomalhi History and Photos; “Lord Malhi” with Quaid-e-Azam at Sialkot Convention, May 1944“Lord Malhi” (Ch. Naseer Ahmad Malhi) sitting with Quaid-e-Azam. He is wearing a white achkan.

 Pictures of Baddomalhi - "Lord Malhi" (Ch. Naseer Ahmad Malhi) - Baddomalhi History and Photos

A Train at Baddomalhi Railway Station. Photo by Muddassar Khan.

Baddomalhi History and Photos - A train at Baddomalhi railway station - Pictures of Baddomalhi

An Overloaded Train at Baddomalhi Railway Station 

Baddomalhi History and Photos - An overloaded train at Baddomalhi railway station - Images of Baddomalhi

Platform of Baddomalhi Railway Station. Photo by Fahad Aftab.

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Platform of Baddomalhi railway station - Baddomalhi Pictures


 Fare & Time Table at Baddomalhi Railway Station

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Trian Time Table and Fare Table at Baddomalhi railway station - Baddomalhi Pics

Trees at the Platform of Baddomalhi Railway Station

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Trees at the Platform of Baddomalhi railway station - Pictures of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; A Signboard at Baddomalhi Railway Station

Baddomalhi History and Photos - A signboard at Baddomalhi railway station - Pics of Baddomalhi

Exit of Baddomalhi Railway Station

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Entrance of Baddomalhi railway station - Images of Baddomalhi

Sports Slogan of Baddomalhi Sports Teams

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Slogan of Baddomalhi Sports Teams - Pictures of Baddomalhi

Govt Islamia Degree College, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi Pics ; Govt Islamia Degree College Baddomalhi - Baddomalhi History and Photos

Morning Assembly at Govt Islamia Degree College, Baddomalhi 

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Morning Assembly at Govt Islamia Degree College Baddomalhi - Pictures of Baddomalhi

Signboard of Govt Islamia Degree College, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Signboard of Govt Islamia Degree College Baddomalhi - Images of Baddomalhi

Govt Islamia High School, Baddomalhi 

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Govt Islamia High School Baddomalhi - Images/Pics of Baddomalhi

Govt Islamia High School (English Medium), Baddomalhi. Please note that the stress is on “English Medium”.

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Govt Islamia High School (English Medium) Baddomalhi - Baddomalhi Pics

Govt Primary School No. 2, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Govt Primary School No. 2 Baddomalhi - Pictures of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Allama Iqbal School, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Allama Iqbal School Baddomalhi - Images of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Syed Ali Ahmad Shah Hospital, BaddomalhiHakeem Syed Ali Ahmad Shah established ‘Shahzain Dawakhana’ at Baddomalhi in 1906. It gained a high reputation as the finest supplier of herbs in the town. In 1947, Hakeem Sahib established ‘Shahzain Herbal International’ in Lahore. In 1980, it turned into pharmaceutical company. Hakeem Syed Salman Ali established ‘Syed Faqir Ullah Shah Trust’. He donated 15 acre land for a hospital named ‘Syed Ali Ahmad Shah Hospital’ in Baddomalhi for serving the humanity.

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Syed Ali Ahmad Shah Hospital Baddomalhi - Baddomalhi Pics

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Model Police Station, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Model Police Station Baddomalhi - Pictures of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; Motorcycle Force of Model Police Station, Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos - Motorcycle Force of Model Police Station Baddomalhi - Images of Baddomalhi

Baddomalhi History and Photos; ‘Jhaal’ near Baddomalhi on Marala-Ravi Link Canal (MRLC) 

Baddomalhi History and Photos - 'Jhaal' near Baddomalhi on Marala-Ravi Link Canal - Baddomalhi Pics

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  1. Muhammad-Ibrahim says:

    I have studied in the Govt. Primary School No. 2, Baddomalhi. Arif Anjum Sahib. was my teacher of early education. He was Poet of Mahfil-e-Msaalmah in Baddomalhi. His writing was very fanciful, attractive and actuator for students. His method of teaching was very strict. He was habitual to keep his fitness. I still remember his cycling style.

    Besides him, another person lived in his street. His hair-style was one of college teachers. His name is Iftekhar Ahmed Aatir Sahib. He enforces strict discipline and was very meticulous. He was and popular in Education. Because, his casual leaves remained spared each year. His speaking style and creative ability was very impressive. He was very punctual and reliable for every one.

  2. I am trying to locate old friends who were with me during 1966-1970 era at Islamia Primary School and Islamia High School. Raja Ashraf was Headmaster at that time.
    I am trying to find old friend Tariq S/o Mian Bashir Tall walley ( wood merchant), also had a rice mill.
    Bashir and Munir were two brothers. Their one brother, Mian Hamid was MNA/MPA?
    If any one knows, them or their contact details, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Durab Khan says:

    Dear Editor
    Thank you very much for providing all the information.
    I still miss Baddomalhi, where I spent my childhood, but never could visit again.
    I am trying to locate old friends who were with me during 1966-1970 era at Islamia Primary School and Islamia High School. Raja Ashraf was Headmaster at that time.

  4. I was born in Baddomalhi and moved to foreign land.
    Baddomalhi may live long.

  5. Manzur Gill says:

    Hello Baddomalhi friends,
    Strictly speaking I am not from Baddomalhi, but have strong affiliation and affection with this name. All my comings and goings used to be via Baddomalhi railway station.

    I was born in 1940-41 in Malkpur, an old village between Badomalhi railway station and Meerowal. Having studied at Gordon College, Rawalpindi and FC College, Lahore, I left for USA, got PhD in Electrical Engineering from SMU, Dallas, Texas and worked for Intel Corp. But Home is sweet home and I returned to Pakistan in 2004.
    Some of my uncles studied in Meerowal and Baddomalhi included Shameem Allah Ditta, Mahboob Alam Gill, Gulzar, master Allah Ditta and master RG Mall. Unfortunately all of them have gone on to the next world. Many many years ago, chacha RG Mall used to teach at Meerowal school.

  6. Pran Mall says:

    I do not know if any one can help me, I was born in December 1955 in Baddomalhi at the Mission Hospital. Does anyone know if the Mission Hospital is still there and if so under what name is it?

  7. Dev Parkash Nischal says:

    Dear Editor,
    I am Hindu born in Baddomalhi in 1940. Migrated to India during Partition. My father late Sh. Hira Nand had a house and lived there. He was Saraf (Jeweller). Many a times I thought of visiting my birth place Baddomalhi but circumstances held me back. I am happy to know something of my birth place dear to me. God bless Baddomalhi.

    • Aslam Mirza says:

      Dear Parkash
      My name is Aslam Mirza(1939) and you belongs to my home town Baddomalhi you are like ny brother. I live in Sweden and worked whole the life in this country but I was missing
      my Baddomalhi. I have build house in my home town and used to stay there during
      winter time it is cold in Sweden. I understand your feelings because you are missing your
      roots. It is tragic separation every civilised person feel it. You are most welcome to Baddomalhi and stay with me.
      Email: aslammirza35@gmail.com Phone +4686554811

  8. Lt Col (R) Jawed Nasir Chowdry (Malhi), USA says:

    Dear Col Rashid Zia Cheema Sir,
    Thanx a lot for this Write Up. It’s very informative. I have a long association with Baddomalhi though I never lived there but had my roots there and had been visiting in my childhood.
    May Father Late Major Nasir Ahmed Malhi (1924-1961) belonged to Baddomalhi Area. He Matriculated from Baddomalhi in around 1940. My Grand father (Dada) Ch. Qasim Khan Malhi was son of Ch. Qadad Malhi. They were all pre Partition Brit Times generation of Late 1800 & early 1900s.
    My Mother’s Khala also lived there. Ch. Inayat Ullah Malhi and Khizar Malhi were my mom’s cousins. They were related to Lord /Ex Minister Naseer Malhi on thier paternal side.
    History of Malhi Clan going back in time is very revealing of thier temperament ans attitudes still inherited. It’s intersting to observe thier journey through times from Multan to this region from Pre Alexander, Mughal and Sikh Eras on to Brit times. Thier embrasing of Islam during Mughal Times is intersting reference too. Lord Naseer Malhi was a legend for decades of Baddomalhi in 1940s and 1950s.
    I do recall Baddomalhi Railway Station and Rice Mills, etc.
    Thanks indeed for putting it up all here. Hope it will proove to b a referral link to future compilings.


  9. Atta Ullah Malhi (from Lund Pur Teh & Distt Gujrat) says:

    Allah Bless you and also Baddomalhi.

  10. Dear Editor.
    Assalmo Alakum

    I am Dr. Abdul Ghafoor S/O Mian Sharaf ud Din, born on 3rd March, 1937 in Mughal street of Baddomalhi, did my Matriculation from present Governemt Islamia High School, Baddomalhi in 1954 and was one of the first 10 students admitted in this great institution which has a great history. It was created overnight like Masjid-e-Shuhda. I love to write history of this school and very soon will add to this website. The following personalities are the major architects of this school:-

    – Hakim Abdul Rehman Khaleeq
    – Hafiz Ibrahim Kamirpuriz
    – Soofi Mohammed Ibrahim
    – Mian Sharaf ud Din
    – Ch. Allah Ditta

    I will come back soon with details.

    Allah Bless you.

    • Aslam Mirza says:

      I am Aslam Mirza and was class fellow of your brother Abdul Raoof.
      If I am right please inform me. Now I am living in Stockholm, Sweden and was in Baddomalhi and came back in March 2015.
      Waiting for reply.

      • Dear Aslam,
        Assamo Alakum
        Thank you very much for your response. Yes, I do remember. I wish you should have left contact in your mail. Your elder brother Tufail was my classmate. I very often go to Baddomalhi for a few hours just to remind those wonderful days and visit graves of my beloved Mother & Dadi Amaa, May Allah rest their souls in Jannah.
        Your class mate and my younger brother is called back by ALMIGHTY about 7 years back and is buried in Faisalabad.
        A few years back I was in Copenhagen for four days. You can contact me on karaizpk@gmail.com.
        Our regards to all your family,

  11. Dr. Yasar Saleem says:

    Dear Editor,
    Yes, family of “Badshah halwai” still lives in Baddomalhi, and Barfi is still popular. Now access to Baddomalhi has a bit improved. I used to visit my father and home town approximately twice a month. If some new pictures of Baddomalhi are required, I may send you.

  12. Zaheeruddin Babar Mughal says:

    I belong to Baddomalhi and I passed my Matric exam in the year 1978 from Govt. Islamia High School Baddomalhi. Please provide more information regarding Rice Mills, Quality of Rice, Banks and many many other information.

    Presently I am residing at Lahore and serving in a reputed Bank.

  13. Aslam Mirza says:

    Dear Cheema Sb,
    Your article about Baddomalhi impressed me very much and you have worked very much to collect facts about our beloved Town.
    My name is Aslam Mirza and passed my matriculation examination in 1958 from Islamia High School, Baddomalhi. After the examination I moved to Lahore for higher education and after 1963 I migrated to Sweden for further education and work.
    I have visited many countries through my job and interest but I always longed for my home Town and has built a little house in Nai Abadi on Railway Road.
    You are most welcome to visit my Pak-Swedish home in Baddomalhi during the month of December 2014.

  14. Omar Hayat Malhee says:

    Good effort for such an informative article on Baddomalhi.
    I am from 84 NB Lahore Road Distt Sargodha. My forefathers are from Village Lund Pur Malhi, Distt Gujrat Pakistan. Mostly people question us that “Do you belong to Baddomallhi or not?” Thanks for the very informative information provided.

  15. Oh, I have gone thorough your page and it reminds me my childhood. I have also been brought up in Baddomalhi. I left it in 1992 and settled in UAE. I completed my early education from Govt Islamia High School.
    I have gone through some of comments and one has mentioned about Master Habibulah Malhi. Yes, he was a man of Honers. I remember he was working as teacher in Govt Primary School in Main Bazaar and then he was promoted as Head Master. I remember he started first Dramatic Club in Baddomalhi with the name of “Mujahid Dramatic Club”. On every Eid for three days there was Stage Drama Show in School and lot of people used to come there. He was Writer, Director and Producer of dramas. He was having his own Library. I still remember my father used to visit that Library. His Library was full of very informative and educational books. His son Irfan Malhi was my colleague here in UAE for a few years and he still lives in Baddomalhi.
    Last month I visited Baddomalhi after many years.

  16. Rashid Idrees from Baddomalhi says:

    Dear Editor
    Aap ki yeh kawish bohut achi hai. Baddomalhi kay hawaly say agar koi complte information aur history jannana chahta hai tou mein nay Facebook per “Mera Baddomalhi” kay naam say aik ID banaya hai, aap iss kay zariye Baddomalhi kay barau may bohut zaiada jaan sakain gay.
    ID yeh hai:

  17. Hamid Javed says:

    Dear Editor,

    I am very happy to read and see the pics and the history of our beloved town Baddomallhi. I was born in Baddomallhi and got early education from Primary School No. 1 at Main Bazaar and also Islamia High School from 1999. Then we migrated to Lahore but I miss my town. Now I am doing job in Dubai as a coordinator.
    Thanks again, Editor.

  18. Umeed Ayaz Mahmood Bajwa says:

    It is great to know that someone has endeavoured to provide a platform to share our sweet mamories of Baddomalhi. I did my matriculation from Islamia High School Baddomalhi in 1984 and have honour of spending five years there from class 6 to 10.
    My native village Kot Padda is almost 6 Km from Baddomalhi and we had daily out back. Syed Jawad Shah sahib was our respectable Head Master. We owe a lot to him and other great teachers. The road between Qila Kalar Wala and Baddomalhi was built when I was in Sixth class. Late Ch. Majeed Ullah Malhi was my uncle. God bless all these great people. I work now with National Bank of Pakistan, Head Office Karachi as Vice President.

    • Naveed Saeed says:

      Salaam Umeed,
      Hope you remember me? I was your classmate during Secondary School. It is good to read your comment.
      I am also happy to see information about Baddomalhi on this page – reminds me of my good old days (especially the photos). Those good days – won’t come back!!

      • Umeed Ayaz Bajwa says:

        Dear Naveed,
        Yes, I have recognized you. Hope you are fine. Now a days I am at Karachi. Where are you and what’s up?

  19. M. Amin Farooq says:

    Dear Editor,
    I would request you to upload a short brief and photo of (Late) Master Habib Ullah Malhi, great teacher, great son of Baddomalhi. He deserved to be a part of Baddomalhi history. His efforts in the education field cannot be denied.
    Thanks & Regards.

    • Dear Amin Farooq Sahib,
      I don’t know Master Habib Ullah Malhi as I haven’t studied in Baddomalhi. Please do send me his photo and a brief account of his academic achievements at my email address (rashid.cheema11@gmail.com), I would be glad to add it in this Post.

  20. Engr Adnan Akram Mughal says:

    Dear Editor,
    Thanks for the information provided. Is it possible to explore whether all Mughal inhabitants were settled from the era of Shah Jehan as you have mentioned or some Mughal families settled after 1857? My grand parents belonged to Mohalla Raj, Baddomalhi.

    • Dear Adnan Akram Mughal Sahib,
      Very scanty information about the history of Baddomalhi is available on the Internet. If I come across anything about the history of settlement of your ancestors in Baddomalhi, I will definitely add it in this Post.

      • Engr Adnan Akram Mughal says:

        Dear Editor,
        Thank you very much for the prompt response; I highly appreciate it, and would be waiting for any further information regarding it
        best regards,

  21. Ali Abid Mallhi says:

    It was a pleasure for me to visit Baddomalhi, my ancestral town, for the first time in teen age. The people living there are very frank, caring and loving! The source of fun for me were those few places like “BARRI NEHAR” (Big canal) and the visit to our lands…. I’m very happy to see this page .. thanks to the EDITOR. 🙂

  22. Shafqat Rasool Malhi says:

    I am Shafqat in Pak Army, there is dire need to update the history in detail and also political angle view also.

    • Dear Shafqat Rasool Malhi,
      I have picked all the photos and details from the Internet, please do tell me what else do you want to add in the history of Baddomalhi. Please also indicate any portion which is politically oriented. I will delete that with consultation with all others who have commented in the Post.

  23. Brig (R) Mahmud Bashir Bajwa says:

    Dear Col Rashid,

    Thank you for refreshing my 60-year old memories. Pics of Baddomalhi railway station made me quite nostalgic. What a wonderful place it used to be: host of friends and so full of life! It is my Nanka town too, it may have been a pind in 19th century. In my memory of yester years it was always a town of respectable size and population.
    I wish someone could upload pics of Muslim High school I did my Matric from. I miss my class fellows; Mazharul Haq, Fakhar Ishrat, Majeed, Abadat, Maqsood, Faqeer Hussain, Nassarullah and my great teachers Ghulam Haider Sahib, Butt Sahib, Abdul Ghani Sahib, Jujja Sahib, Allah Bux Sahib, Shah Sahib, Masih-ul-Zaman Sahib, Barkat Masih Sahib. Habibullah Sahib.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Fazal Qureshi says:

      Sorry for the interruption, though I have never seen Baddomalhi but I have an imaginary spiritual relation with your dreamland. Actually my father, Abdul Majeed, had been teaching in the same times because the names of the teachers mentioned are resounding in my memory received from my mother who has a nostalgia of Baddomalhi. The names of my elder brothers who stayed there are Abdul Rashid and Mahmood Ahmad. May you have any reminiscence about as I have never seen my father?

  24. Arshad Alvi says:

    I love Baddomalhi because my Nanka was from Baddomalhi and my uncles who tried their level best to educate the people from 1950 to 58. They were from Mohallah Tarkhana. My grandmother was known as “Bhen Jee”. Respected Naseer Ahmad Malhi also attended the marriage of my father in 1950. My Dadka was from Mohallah Gopalpura. Our ancestral home was a big house adjacent to Govt Degree College. I was its student when it was a Primary School and then by the efforts of Raja Ashraf Sahib, it was declared as a college.
    I love this town. Salam to all, especially to my friends Mr. Ashfaq and his brother Mr. Mushtaq sons of Shah Sahib of Old Shah Book Depot in Main Bazaar of Baddomalhi.

  25. Tariq Masud says:

    I will be interested to know the whereabouts of Asif Malhi who was my room mate in Law College Lahore hostel in 1958; also about Irfan Malhi and Zia-ud-Din Malhi who too were my class fellows.

  26. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    Dear Cheema,
    While reading your informative article, I was reminded of a senior student at Govt College Lahore by the name of Iftikhar Malhi who was Captain of our Hockey team. I learnt later that he had been selected for Police Service of Pakistan.
    I thought he might be from your Nanka family.

  27. Sher Afgan says:

    It is interesting to be informed of how Baddomalhi was founded.

  28. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    Thank you for such an informative article on Baddomalhi. During my stay in Gujranwala for 4 years(1990-94) I went through this city many a time. Although the name always attracted me but could not see the city in detail. Now after 20 years it was nice to read all about this city.
    During my stay in Sargodha in 1975, there was a Sqn Ldr Malhi. He and his wife both were doctors in PAF Hospital and both had a good private practice in the city.
    Thanks once again.

  29. I love Baddomalhi because it is my “Nanka Pind” and I have very good memories of many summer holidays spent here during my childhood period. That was a quality time!!!

    Baddomalhi is a little sleepy and peaceful border town. Great people live here. Some day it will become a Tehsil Headquarters.

    I like the Basmati rice produced here. Badshah’s berfi was also very popular. I wonder if the descendants of Badshah Halwai are still making it!!!!!

    • Adnan Akram Mughal says:

      Dear Editor,
      Please make a study group to explore the family trees of inhabitant families of Baddomallhi.

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