Army Jokes (in Urdu/Punjabi)

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi.

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Major not Laughing at Corps Commander’s Jokes

Jokes in Urdu - Major not laughing at Corps Commander's Joke - Army Jokes in Urdu

“Waikh Fauji, Agg laawaan teri Majbooriyaan noo”

Army Jokes in Punjabi : "Waikh Fauji, Agg laawaan teri majbooriyaan noo" - Army Jokes in Urdu

Full Dress Rehearsal

Humour in Uniform - Full Dress Rehearsal of Marriage - Army Jokes in Urdu

Changay Phassay Aaan

Military Humour : "Changay Phassay Aaan" - Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi

Newly Married Couple

Humor in Uniform - Newly Married Couple - Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi

Kanjoos Major

Military Jokes, Humor in Uniform - Kanjoos Major - Army Jokes in Urdu, Army humour

American Soldier and the Lamp

Army Jokes in Urdu - An American soldier found a Lamp in Afghanistan - Military Jokes, Army Humor

Fauji Zindagi

Army Jokes in Urdu - 'Army Life' as quoted by a Subedar Major - Military Jokes, Humor in Uniform

A Very Brief ACR of a Tall Major 

Army Jokes in Urdu - A very brief ACR of a tall Major - Military Jokes, Military Humor

A Captain’s Search for a Perfect Bride

Army Jokes in Urdu - A Captain's search for a perfect Bride - Humor in Uniform, Military Jokes

Weeping Bride of a Captain

Military Jokes, Army Humor : Aik Captain ki roti howi Dulhan - Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi

Second Lieutenant gives Wedding Gift to his Wife 

Army Jokes in Urdu - Laftain Sahib's Wedding Gift to his wife - Army Humor, Military Humor

The Bickering of a Retired Fauji Bhai

Army Jokes in Urdu -The bickering of a retired Fauji Bhai - Military Jokes, Humor in Uniform


Chaha Fazal Din, a Simple Fauji Pensioner

Military Jokes, Army Humour - Chaha Fazal Din; a Simple Fauji Pensioner - Army Jokes in Urdu

Anger of an Army Wife

Military Jokes , Humor in Uniform - Anger of an Army Wife - Army Jokes in Urdu

Clever Major who plays Bridge

Army Jokes in Urdu- Clever Major who plays Bridge - Military Jokes, Army Humor

Army Officer’s Wife fed up of Bridge Playing Habit

Army Jokes in Urdu : Army officer's wife fed up of Bridge playing habit - Humor in Uniform

Brilliant thinking of a Rangar Fauji 

Army Jokes in Urdu : Brilliant thinking of a Rangar Fauji - Military Jokes, Army Humor

A ‘Tragic Story’ of an Army Wife

Army Jokes in Urdu : A 'Tragic Story' of an Army wife - Military Jokes, Army Humor

The Corps Commander and the Witty ‘Rangar’ Subedar. A true anecdote contributed by Maj Zuha Saeed (12 OTS). Please read the anecdote “The Corps Commander and the Witty Risaldar”.

Army Jokes in Urdu : The Corps Commander and the witty 'Rangar' Subedar - Military Joke, True anecdote

‘Obedient’ Wife of a Fauji 

Army Jokes in Urdu : 'Obedient' wife of a Fauji - Military Jokes, Humor in Uniform

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi: Classical Song on an Army Unit’s Raising Day Function 

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi : Classical Song on an Army Unit's Function - Military Jokes, Army Humor

Army Jokes in Urdu: A Civilian Friend asks an Army Officer about Army Life 

Army Jokes in Urdu : A civilian friend asks about Army Life - Humour in Uniform, Military Humor

‘Soldier Cut’

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi : A shoe thief wants Soldier Cut - Military Jokes, Army Humor

An Army officer Buys Three Cinema Tickets for Sunday 

Army Jokes in Urdu : An Army officer buys three cinema tickets - Military Jokes

‘Disturbance Pay’ for Army Officers . One can recall the comment of an ex British Defence Attache during the Zia’s years on Pakistan and Indian armies, ” Since independence both the armies have forgotten nothing and learnt nothing new “. This sums it up!
Joke made and contributed by Lt Col (R) Rashid Zia Cheema (2nd SSC).

Army Jokes in Urdu: "Disturbance Pay" for Army officers - Humor in Uniform, Army Humour

Drag Chute of F-104 Fighter Plane. A true anecdote contributed by Lt Col (R) Masood Alam (2nd SSC).

Army Jokes in Urdu : Drag chute of F-104 fighter plane - Army Humor, Military Jokes

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi: A Retired Army Officer’s ‘Wishful Thinking’ 

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi : A retired Army officer's wishful thinking -Humor in Uniform, Army Humour

Funny Tune of an Army Band on a Captain’s Wedding 

Army Jokes in Urdu : Funny tune of a Fauji Band - Army Humour, Military Jokes

Army Jokes in Urdu: Wah Ray Fauji Band!

Army Jokes in Urdu: Wah ray Fauji Band - Army Humour - Military Jokes

Army Jokes in Urdu: Fauj Zafar Mauj

Army Jokes in Urdu : Some Faujis in Hell - Military Humour

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi: A ‘Unique’ Trick for Getting Leave 

Army Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi : Fauji ki chutti kay liye anokhi tarkeeb - Humor in Uniform

Army Jokes in Urdu: Gul Khan’s Rifle

 Army Jokes in Urdu: Gul Khan's rifle is his honour - Military Jokes


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    Excellent collection!!

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    Really amazing jokes. As Army Officer I like these.

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    I also like Pak army!!

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    Zaberdast! Mazzaa aa gya … I love these jokes.
    Yaqeen maanein baar baar parhnay ko dil karta hai… aur apni Army life pay nazar dalta hoon tou aur maza aata hai kay Officers aur jawan sub kay sub saaday loge hain.

  10. Javeria Nasir says:

    Very good jokes, I enjoyed it very much.

  11. ایک دفعہ ‘ڈایننگ ان نایٹ’ کے دوران ایک کور کمانڈر صاحب بڑے ڈھیلے ڈھا لے لطیفے سنا رھے تھےاور تمام افسران با امر مجبوری سن کر ھنس رھے تھے مگر ایک میجر صاحب نہ صرف ھنس نہیں رہے تھے بلکہ بالکل خاموش کھڑے تھے ۔ آخر جنرل صاحب سے نہ رہا گیا اور میجر سے پوچھ ہی لیا۔” میجر صاحب کیا بات ہے، آپ ھماری کمپنی انجوآئے نہیں کر رھے ھو؟” میجر صاحب جھٹ سے بولے ” سر دراصل میں آپ کے کور سے نہیں ھوں”۔ “

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    Barri gull aye jee!

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    All retired Army officers are invited in “Veterans’ Own” Group. The link is given below:-

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    I am loving it…Yeh Dil Mangay Aur Ziada!!!

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    Good jokes in your website, you rock!!!!!

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