“Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu” by Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam’s poem ‘Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu’ has been written in the backdrop of Partition of India in 1947 and the bloodshed which followed. It narrates the gory happenings of the Partition, a heart throbbing account of pain of women, who suffered the most; whether Hindu, Sikh or Muslim. 

Punjabi Poetry: "Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu" by Amrita Pritam

Roman Urdu:
Ajj aakhan Waris Shah nu, kitoun qabran vichoun bole,
Tay ajj kitab-e-ishq da koi agla warqa phole!
Ik roii si dhii Punjab di, tun likh likh maray vaen,
Ajj lakhaan dhiiaan rondiyaan, tainu Waris Shah nu kehn.
Uthh dardmandaan daya dardiya, uthh takk apna Punjab,
Ajj belay lashaan bichhiaan, tay lahoo di bharrii Chenab.

English Translation:
Today, I call Waris Shah, “Speak from your grave,”
And turn to the next page in your book of love,
Once, a daughter of Punjab cried and you wrote an entire saga,
Today, a million daughters cry out to you, Waris Shah,
Rise! O’ narrator of the grieving! Look at your Punjab,
Today, fields are lined with corpses, and blood fills the Chenab.

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  1. Very well said by WARIS SHAH He Draw the true picture of today many years before.

  2. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    The poetry is good and gives matter for thinking on what is going on in present days. What Muslims are doing all over world should be stopped and policy of live and let others live should be adopted. By violence we are not serving Islam rather defaming Islam and its teachings.

  3. Ajay Malhotra says:

    This is only one of the loveable poetry of late Amrita Pritam. I had not seen the Partition but I feel pain whenever I hear any
    note regarding Partition.
    My father took part in freedom struggle against British. I wish I could come to Pakistan and see and meet lost family friends in Bhera.
    I hope my wish may be fulfilled some day, God is great.

  4. Azam Gill, France says:

    The Partition deaths are India and Pakistan’s joint shame.
    Tears will not wash it and words will only make it worse.
    Spilling blood for over six decades has only depreciated the situation, although both countries share the same Indo-European code of sharam, ghairat and aman.
    It is time to give peace a chance.

  5. Yes! people paid a very price for the Partition of India. It was hasty and not very well thought decision and I hold both the leadership of Indian Congress and Pakistan Muslim League responsible for this divide and resultant chaos. Have things changed in the last sixty-seven years? We remained as vicious, self-centered, and ethnically divided as we have been all through our history. Look what is happening in Karachi, Pakhtunkhwa, and the tribal belt. How the new forces of hate aka ‘religious right’ is playing havoc for last couple of decades. Sectarianism, regionalism, and self-defined religiosity has become the norm to govern our lives. If this was our destiny, then what was wrong with united India? Don’t we declare everyone a kafir, or a lesser Pakistani than ourselves?
    Just look at the happenings in last one month: brutal assassination of a physician in Rabwah, not allowing Ahmedis to bury their dead in the cemeteries of the pious thugs, killing of a young lady outside Lahore High Court.
    Let us live like human beings, respect each other’s rights, and celebrate diversity than making the divide more wide.

    • Amjid Quamber says:

      There is a proposal to setup a new Province called Begum Province. Only women will love and work there and males will not be allowed. Thus the question of women being makroo and haram will be solved.
      Also future generations will not have women to bother with and in just 20 years the issue of militants and Pakistan will be solved forever.

      • Col (R) Sohail Qureshi, USA says:

        Partition of India happened for a reason. The Muslims did not feel protected and wanted their rights protected based on population. The idea of Pakistan came later when this was denied by none other than Jawaharlal Nehru. Some credit him for the creation of Pakistan.

        Thank God for Pakistan had it not been so some of us would not have had the opportunities we had and it would be fair to say some of us would be selling “Paan” in undivided India.

        What happened during Partition and is happening now is shameful. That has little to do with creating Pakistan. Human beings not acting as human beings is not a phenomena just in Pakistan or India, it is all over. Yes, shameful just shameful.

        This poem by Amrita Pritam and narration by poet Gulzar is top class and very powerful indeed. Sampooran Singh Kalra, known popularly by his pen name Gulzar, is an Indian poet, lyricist and film director. Born in Jhelum district in British India, his family moved to India after Partition. I would request all to download and listen to it, it will move you to tears. It is that powerful.

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