BB Qureshi- One of Pakistan’s first women to earn PhD

BB Qureshi- One of Pakistan's first women to earn PhD died in Edhi Centre Karachi on 15 August 2012


  1. Capt. Khalil U Khan says:

    When I read on, the news of demise of great woman, great human being and educationist, firstly I admit of having nothing heard about such personality and my ignorance especially about her attachment with leading at college and university levels.

    We need to pay respect and remembrance in her lifetime, that is why our coming generation will remember the sacrifices, what a great achievement and disappointment she faced, given by this nation.

    A truly passionate and remarkable women, she served the education which nobody can serve like, it is very sad that in our country nobody cares the old, we declared them unfit for the remaining life.

    God Bless Her, and give her the place she deserves.

  2. Rao Abid Hamid says:

    Apparently government is not interested in honouring this great lady. But we the citizens along with organisations which are interested in spreading education honour BB Quereshi by introducing a scholarship in her memory? Let us do it without further delay.

  3. Shaheda Rizvi says:

    A truly remarkable woman!! Sad commentary on society’s values when those who have served and worked hard are rendered unfit.

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