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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page.
You can see the photos of all those whose names are clickable.

Platoon CommanderMaj Muhmmad Sadiq Ch., Engrs (Late)
Group Photo:  Not yet available.
Muhammad Arshad Abbasi, Air Def
Rashid Zia Cheema, Air Def/Avn
Muhammad Ishaq Hussain, Air Def
Muhammad Sarwar Dogar, Baluch, (Late)
Nasir Ali Siddiqi, Engrs
Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana, Arty
Muhammad Yousaf Jan, FF
Muhammad Ajmal Khan, FF  (Late)
Muhammad Yunus, Punjab/AK
Khalid Mahmood Bhatti, Baluch
Mustafa Ashraf, AC
Iftikhar Ahmed Malik, AC
Azhar Nazir, Arty (Late)
Rai Sarfraz Khan, Arty
Khalid Nasr, Arty
Tanweer Abbas, Arty/Air Def
Tariq Javaid, Arty
Khurshid Anwar, Punjab
Mohy-ud-Din, Baluch
Zaheer Ibne Yakub, Punjab
Muhammad Sadiq Chaudhry, Arty
Khalid Hussain Daudpota, Baluch (Late)
Khalid Basheer, AC                                        (Lives in USA)
GC Hameed Ahmed Ch.                                (Withdrawn)  Lives in Canada
GC Jamil                                                         (Withdrawn)
GC Hameed Khan (Late)                           (Withdrawn) 
GC Naeem-ud-Din                                        (Withdrawn)

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  1. Lt Col Nasir Ali Siddiqi (ABD-1) says:

    You have missed 2/Lt Khalid Bin Bashir from Rahim Yar Khan.

  2. Brig Arshad Abbasi (ABD-1) says:

    Well done, Cheema! A very good job done.

  3. Maj Agha Amir Ahsan (ABD-5) says:

    You have missed out Wajih Ullah Baig.

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