99 Names of Allah

99 Names of Allah Meaning and English translation of Allah’s 99 names with relevant verses from the Quran.
Video of ‘Al Asma Ul Husna’-99 Names Of Allah (God)  A short video where 99 names of Allah are being recited in a beautiful voice.
Free Download for Mobile (Cell) Phones: 99 Names of Allah

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  1. To help you learn the 99 Names of Allah there is a website that can really help you and it has proof on where the Names of Allah came from, for example it came from an ayat (verse) in the Quran or a hadith (narration from prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) all you have to do is go to
    and then click on 99 Names of Allah on the menu bar, there you will also find they have a beautiful digital picture frame with the Names of Allah to help you in understanding the 99 names of Allah with meaning and great way to memorize as well, please check it out In Sha Allah.

  2. Subhan Allah.

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