2nd Special Short Course Directing Staff

Directing Staff with 2nd SSC

2nd SSC started at Tobe Camp, Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbotabad ,in late November 1971 and the Course passed out on 22 July 1972 (the date of commission was granted on 23 July 1972). This is a list of Directing Staff with 2nd SSC.


Shakoor Jan, Lt Col, FF (Bn Comd)
Anwer Munir-ud-Din, Maj, Punjab (GSO-2 (Coord)
Sarosh Ghani, Maj, Arty (Adjt)
Akbar, Maj Punjab (WTO)
Muhammad Din, Capt (or Maj??), Arm??? (PTSO)
Asad Mahmud, Capt, Baluch (GSO-3)
Afsar Khan, SM, FF (Drill Instructor)

Abdali Coy

Zafar Mustafa, Maj, Arty (Coy Comd)
Sadiq Ch,, Maj, Engrs (ABD-1)
Muhammad Aslam Cheema, Maj, Baluch (ABD-2)
Amir Afsar,Arty (ABD-3)
Nisar Sarwar Khara, Capt, FF (ABD-4)
Pervaiz Paretu, Capt (or Maj?), FF (ABD-5)

Ghori Coy

Shahid Atta Ullah Jan,Maj, Engrs (Coy Comd)
(Before him Maj Ali Ahmed, a Bengali officer was Coy Comd)
Amin Ullah Khan, Maj, FF (GHR-1)
Mehboob Sultan, Maj, Arty (GHR-2)
Muhammad Younus, Maj, Arty (GHR-3)
Risalat Khan, Maj, Sigs(GHR-4)
Imran Lodhi, Maj, Arm??? (GHR-5)

Haider Coy

Nazar Hussain, Maj, Arty (Coy Comd)
Muhammad Irfan Maj,Ord (HDR-1)
Hafeez Ullah, Maj, FF (HDR-2)
Ikhlaq Ahmed, Maj, Baluch, (HDR-3)
Mujahid Khan, Capt, Engrs (HDR-4)
Tallat Saeed, Maj, AC (HDR-5)

Sher Shah Coy

Zafar Habib, Maj AC (Coy Comd)
Saeed-uz-Zafar, Maj, Arty (SSH-1)
Muhammad Zaheer Malik,Maj Baluch (SSH-2)
Saleem-ur-Rehman,Maj, Sigs (SSH-3)
Tariq Bangash, Maj ASC (SSH-4)
Waqar Ahmed Malik, Maj, Arty (SSH-5)

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