1965 Indo-Pak War Memorabilia

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

Wife of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Receives Nishan-e-Haider on Her Husband’s Behalf. In an investiture ceremony, wife of Maj Raja Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) receives Nisha-e-Haider from President Ayub Khan on her husband’s behalf. Wife of Brig A.R. Shami (Shaheed) is standing on her left. Brig Shami was awarded Hilal-e-Jurat (Posthumously).

Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Wife of Major Aziz Bhatti receives Nishan-e-Haider - 1965 Indo Pak War

 3rd Baluch Regiment Monument at Wagah, Lahore. 3rd Baluch Regiment Monument raised in the everlasting memory of the 39 men who got shahadat by defending our motherland in September 1965 War on the Wagha Sector-Batapur Bridge on the BRBL canal and the counter attack on 10/11 September 1965.
Photo taken by Brig Muhammad Ajmal (3rd Baluch) on 06 September 2010.  On that day Brig Ajmal’s son had led the Guard at the Monument. Brig Ajmal is from a family which has had three consecutive generations serving in 3rd Baluch. Photo shared by Naveed Tajammal (3rd Baluch).

1965 India-Pakistan War Memorabilia - 3rd Baluch Regiment Monument at Wagah - Photos and Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War

55 Indian Soldiers Captured by a Senior Helicopter Pilot. Lt Col Naseer Ullah Babar (Retired as Maj Gen) was a daring officer. He was commanding an Aviation Squadron during 1965 War. On 1 Sep 1965, he landed at an Indian post by mistake. He kept his cool and captured 55 Sikh soldiers . He was awarded Sitara-e-Jurat for this action.

Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Sikh soldiers captured by Lt Col Naseer Ullah Babar - 1965 Indo Pak War

Captured Indian Air Force Ouragan Aircraft. In June 1965, India and Pakistan had a border skirmish in the Rann of Kutch region. On 24 June 1965, an Indian Air Force (IAF) Ouragan fighter (Serial No. IC 698), flown by Flt. Lt. Rana Lal Chand Sikka intruded into Pakistani airspace. A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-104A Starfighter intercepted the IAF fighter near Badin in Sindh. Just as the PAF pilot locked on to the Indian fighter and was about to release his Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile, the Indian pilot lowered his aircraft’s landing gear (an internationally-recognized sign of aerial surrender). The IAF pilot landed at an open field near Jangshahi village near Badin. The IAF pilot was taken prisoner and released on 14 August 1965 – as a goodwill gesture on Pakistan’s Independence Day – minus the IAF Ouragan fighter, which was retained by the PAF as a trophy and flown by a PAF pilot to an airbase in Karachi.

Photos & Memorabilia Rann of Kutch Skirmish 1965 - Captured Indian Air Force Ouragan aircraft - 1965 Indo Pak War

Surrender of Indian Air Force Gnat aircraft at Pasrur. On September 3, 1965, Squadron Leader Brijpal Singh Sikand, Commander of an Indian fighter squadron, surrendered to a PAF F-104 in an air combat.The Indian pilot landed the Gnat aircraft on Pasrur airfield near Gujranwala and was taken Prisoner of War.  The F-104 was flown by Flight Lieutenant Hakimullah who became the Air Chief two decades later. Sikand was later rose to be an IAF Air Marshal. This encounter was the most unusual event of the 1965 Air War. The Gnat is now on display at the PAF Museum Karachi.

Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Indian Air Force Gnat fighter at PAF Museum - 1965 Indo Pak War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Tail of an Indian Canberra Bomber, Sahiwal: Tail of an Indian Canberra bomber shot down in the 1965 War and exhibited on public display in Sahiwal in 1969.

 Pictures & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Tail of Indian Canberra bomber displayed in Sahiwal - 1965 Indo Pak War

Captured Indian AMX-13 Tank, Displayed at Old Fort, Sialkot. 1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Photo by .

 Captured Indian AMX-13 tank at Sialkot - 1965 Indo Pak War - Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965


Plaque of Captured Indian tank, AMX-13, at Old Fort, Sialkot. 1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Photo by .

 Plaque of a Captured Indian AMX-13 tank at Sialkot - 1965 Indo Pak War - Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

1965 Indo-Pak War: A Bogus Claim by Indian Army Chief. Headlines of The Indian Express newspaper about 1965 Indo-Pak War.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: A Bogus claim by Indian Army Chief; Headlines of The Indian Express newspaper about 1965 Indo-Pak War - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

A Captured Indian Centurion Tank near Chawinda, Sep 1965. A party of journalists examining a Centurion tank left behind by Indians near Chawinda.

 An Indian captured Centurion tank near Chawinda 1965 - Pictures/Memorabilia of 1965 Indo-Pak War

People Gathered at Lahore in 1965 to See a Captured Indian Tank1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

 Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: People gathered at Lahore in 1965 to see a captured Indian tank - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War with India 

President Ayub Khan and Shastri on the Cover of Time Magazine, September 17, 1965 Edition1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: General Ayub Khan and Shastri on the Cover of Time Magazine, September 17, 1965 Edition - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Headline of ‘The Australian’ Newspaper (13 September 1965 edition)

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: 'The Australian' newspaper (13 Sep 1965 edition) headline about Huge Tank Battle between Pakistan & India - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. The Australian Newspaper, 14 September 1965 Edition. Pakistan’s victory in the biggest tank battle since World War II.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: The Australian newspaper, 14 September 1965 edition - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War with India

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Captured Jeep of Indian Maj Gen Parsad (8 Sep 1965). Maj Gen Parsad, GOC 15th Indian Infantry Div, abandoned his Willys Jeep in the fields and ran away during a retaliatory attack by Pakistani forces. See his photo and more details in the subsequent paragraphs.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: Captured jeep of Indian Maj Gen Parsad - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

Jeep of Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad, captured by 18 Baluch Regt on 8 September 1965. This was official jeep of Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad, GOC 15th Indian Infantry Division. It was captured by 18 Baloch Regt on 8 Sep 1965 at Wagah Sector (Lahore Sector) across the BRB Canal. The jeep is on display at the Quarter Guard of 18 Baluch Regt (now 3 Sind).

Captured Jeep of GOC 15th Indian Infantry Division - 1965 Indo Pak War - Photos & Memorabilia Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

Cowardice of Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad, GOC 15th Indian Infantry DivisionHere are some extracts from Chapter 8 (‘Of Cowardice and Panic’) of the book “1965 War, the Inside Story (Defence Minister Y.B. Chavan’s Diary of India-Pakistan War)”.
“Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad had generally a poor record in operational command. In NEFA during 1962 operations and later while commanding Infantry Division at Rajouri, he had been found deficient. Despite Harbaksh Singh requesting Gen Chaudhuri to replace him, the Chief disregarded the suggestion.
“Utter confusion prevailed in the operations of 15 Division and by the evening of 8 September, situation was indeed pathetic. The Divisional Commander had just managed to evade capture. The Commanding Officers of two battalions had lost mental balance and were unfit to lead their units. The Army Commander Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh had acted decisively and relieved the Division Commander and the two COs of their command.”
“On the basis of enquiry by GOC XI Corps. Niranjan Prasad was to face court-martial but the COAS sent for Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad and asked him to resign.”
Read the interesting details of abandoning of  jeep by GOC 15th Indian Infantry Division at Lahore Front on page 40 of the book: 1965 War: The Inside Story. (Editor’s Note: The book has an error by calling the abandoned jeep as Jonga, designed by Nissan and built by India (See details of Jonga). But the above black & white and coloured photos clearly show that it was a Willys Jeep, built in the USA).

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: Photo of GOC 15th Indian Infantry Division and his captured jeep - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War with India

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Captured Indian Artillery Gun. A Pakistani JCO inspecting a captured Indian Artillery gun.

Captured Indian Artillery gun 1965 - Pictures/Memorabilia of 1965 Indo-Pak War1965 Indo-Pak War Mementos and Photos - Captured Indian Artillery gun 1965

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. 25 Indian Artillery Guns Captured in Chhamb Sector

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: 25 Indian Artillery guns captured in Chhamb Sector in 1965 - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. An Abandoned Indian Tank at Chhamb Sector

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: An abandoned Indian tank at Chamb Sector in 1965 - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. A Destroyed Indian Tank in Chawinda

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: A destroyed Indian tank in Chawinda in 1965 - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Captured Indian AMX-13 Tanks, 1965Two captured Indian AMX-13 tanks with Pakistani soldiers.

Two captured Indian AMX-13 tanks 1965 - Pictures/Memorabilia of 1965 Indo-Pak War

An Pakistani Soldier at Guard Near the Milestone (KM Stone) in the Captured Indian Town of Khemkaran1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War:An alert Pakistani soldier in the captured Indian town of Khemkaran near the mile stone - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Kishangarh Fort Captured by Pakistan Army 

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: Kishangarh Fort captured by Pakistan Army and Pakistani flag hoisted - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. Pakistani Flag at Kishangarh Fort in 1965 

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: Pakistani flag at captured Kishangarh Fort in 1965 - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia. A Pakistani Soldier at Munabao Railway StationMunabao was an important railway station of Rajhistan was captured by Pakistan during 1965 Indo Pak War. India persistently denied that it was not captured by Pakistani forces.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: A Pakistani soldier at the captured Munabao Railway Station - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

Munabao Railway Station in Rajhistan Captured by Pakistan1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

 Munabao Railway Station in Rajhistan captured by Pakistan 1965 - Pictures/Memorabilia of 1965 Indo-Pak War

Indo-Pak War, September 1965 (Dawn, Karachi: Rare Newspaper)1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War: Indo-Pak War, September 1965 (Dawn, Karachi: Rare Newspaper) - Memorabilia (Photos & Mementos) of 1965 War

Indo-Pak War, September 1965 (Daily Jang, Karachi, Edition of 7 Sep 1965)1965 Indo Pak War Memorabilia.

Rare Newspapers - Indo-Pak War September 1965 - Daily Jang, Karachi 07 September 1965

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  1. What is the copyrights status of these photos? There’s a ongoing discussion on Wikipedia regarding two of these images. You are welcome to join the discussion there.


  2. Well, for all those misunderstood readers of the Australian, its battle my dear. Battle is far different than a war. Please google it. And the newspaper is about a particular post which was captured by Pakistan forces, the news is all bout that. Not about the war. I hope this helps to understand.

  3. Sameer Khan says:

    To all Indian people. On 6 Sept 1965 you attacked with more than double forces and Pakistan was completely caught by surprise. Keep that in mind that you attacked us. Okay? Now Pakistan had no choice but to fight. So we did. We destroyed and captured your 200+ tanks (reference google). Your army said that they will be eating lunch in Lahore Gymkhana. so where are you guys? We are still waiting for you here. 6 Sept 1965 is the great success of Pakistani Army (not my word) (reference … Check international newspapers of that time). Pakistan also captured your railway stations, your forts, etc… And we didn’t attack you but you did… So who won the war.

  4. India walo, abb aajao agar larnay ka itna hee shouq hai. Yahaan Raheel Sharif jaisay bahadur aur mulak kay liye jaan dainay walay karoroun hain.

  5. javed iqbal gujjar says:

    Pakistan army zindabad Pakistan paindabad

  6. Sushil Misra says:

    During the 1965 War, some Indian arms as well as some tanks of the Indian army fell into the hands of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan army also had the control of some Indian territory. But it is also true that a much larger amount of arms. tanks etc. of the Pakistan Army fell into the hands of the Indian army together with the control of a much larger area of Pakistani territory. So draw your own conclusions and be proud and happy.

    • Sultan Raja says:

      Any war it may be, innocent people die from both sides fighting for land which you will leave behind.
      Life is to be preserved.,

  7. To all of indians on this page and all of those which think they won in 1965 due to some tanks in india,and stories by their so called winner of indian war.
    Main ny is saal ap ki wo victroy parade dakhi ha DELHI main khud ja ka us main zyada tar wo tanks hain jo ap ka apny hain orignaly us main PAKISTAN ka koi tank bi nhi ha.
    So GOOGLE sy PAKISTAN ka tanks aur dosri GUNS ki Pics nikal ka un pa comment karny sy kuch nhi hota real main app ka pass kuch nhi ha.
    aik aur cheez opur kisi jnab ny apny ameer hny ka dawa kia tha…to jnab main apni ankhon sy ap ki ameeri dakh ka aya houn ka log sarkoon pa bhook sy maar rhye hain aur world ka sab sy big slam bi to ap ka pass hi ha.
    So Think Before You Speak…..

  8. I just want Peace between INDIA AND PAKISTAN.

  9. Jahanzeb Khan Pathan says:

    Saari behes choro………. Bus aik baar NASHTA karnay phir aa jao. 🙂

  10. Muhammad Faisal says:

    After reading all comments and replies, I found that Pakistanis’ replies more intellectual but Indians’ just referring some youtube videos, which may or may not be fact, and simple invitation to visit them, so, they can show what they got and also non-intellectual claiming of the winning wars. But Indians are not able put forward concrete facts and/or show some pictures of facts of their claims.

    Pakistan is so small as compare to India but they so afraid of Pakistan that they always talk about Pakistan even their media talk too much.

    • Looking for Intellectual? Here you go..!

      In the book “South Asia in world politics” by Devin T. Hagerty…

      The invading Indian forces outfought their Pakistani counterparts and halted their attack on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city. By the time United Nations intervened on September 22, Pakistan had suffered a clear defeat.

      In the book “National identity and geopolitical visions” by Gertjan Dijkink…

      The superior Indian forces, however, won a decisive victory and the army could have even marched on into Pakistani territory had external pressure not forced both combatants to cease their war efforts.

      In the book “India and the United States estranged democracies” by Dennis Kux…

      Although both sides lost heavily in men and material, and neither gained a decisive military advantage, India had the better of the war. New Delhi achieved its basic goal of thwarting Pakistan’s attempt to seize Kashmir by force. Pakistan gained nothing from a conflict which it had instigated.

      In the book “India: A History” – John Keay

      The 1965 Indo-Pak war lasted barely a month. Pakistan made gains in the Rajasthan desert but its main push against India’s Jammu-Srinagar road link was repulsed and Indian tanks advanced to within a sight of Lahore. Both sides claimed victory but India had most to celebrate.

      Tons more can be cited to, but talking intellectual requires intellectuals on both sides of the barrel..! Pakistan tricks itself in miseries about it’s battles with India and India as whole, since it suits it’s way of Govt and Politicians.

      • Dear brother your all refreces that you post here was frome indians publishers books i request you that research again read refrences all around the world and the conclusion made from the research is your answer kindly think broad i hope you are not a narrow minded person

  11. Oye vikrame tu Pakistania nu Paki kendhe. Te assi ve Thun Bhindian kendhe aa. Bloody slimey. Jhotay de Putra muslmana nay 700 saal hindustan Tay hukumat kiti aye. Is gal nu na bhulia karo. What is India. Genetically predominant races of submissive and servile. There was no concept of What you call now India. A consolidation of power by the British after 1857 and you damn cowards despite being 6 times numerically larger in population served British like their servants. Where was your sense of indepenence and freedom.? Now you lick the boots of Americans only because you think that you can have American investments. Once In U.S. While talking with American friend, I asked him what do you think about Indians and he said Oh John Wayne has killed so many and he laughed. But when I asked him again about Indians, he said oh there are so many Red Indians in your part of the world. Thank God we don’t have that large number. So Americans do consider you bhindians — Red Indians. So mind your tongue and mind your own business. We hate you bhindians.

    • Jasleen Randhawa says:

      India vich saarey dharm (religion) da satikar (respect) keeta jaanda hai. But Pakistan vich sirf Muslims da, baqi sub nu Naa-paak dassiya jaanda hai Fir tussi hee dasso kay kis da dil wadda hoya? India vich Muslims laii jobs reserve ney, scholarship vee milday ney tay hore bohut kujj jo sirf Muslims lai Indian govternment kardi hai.
      Indian kisi ko hate nahi kartey, I am proud to be an INDIAN, kabhi dosti kay lehaaz say aa ker dekho, India say wapis jaanay ka mann nahi karega, but kabhi hamla karnay muyt aana, tou hum vesay hee nahi jaanay detay, bro.

  12. Indian guys,
    You said that you won 1965 War, well my question is that why you do not celebrate your victory and if we have low Armour weapons but we fight against you.

    • Vikramaditya Chaudhury says:

      Sirjee, nobody won the war. That is the Indian point of view. What could have happened had the war continued is a totally different perspective,

  13. Please read what your own Newspapers are saying on the 65 war

  14. vinay singh says:

    Pakistani always got defeat from india but shamelessly come again..see in 1965 khemkaran we destroyed paki-us tanks in huge numbers & its known as graveyard of paki tanks..in longewala we killed them badly..bt thy always believe in lie..

    • vinay g ye bata dijiye plz k kemkaran hy kidar..? n india or n Pakistan ? so kemkaran mai larai …! ye to aap khud india k shikast ki baat kar rahy ho ..

      • Vikramaditya Chaudhury says:

        Sirjee, gustakhi maaf. The battle was fought on the border between the towns of Khemkaran (India) and Kasur (Pakistan). This battle started on 6th September 1965.

    • r aaj agar kemkaran aap k paas hai to ye united nation ko dua do…

  15. Asim Nazir says:

    Dear Rahul Singh,
    You may have maximum number of soldiers, Aircraft, Guns, etc, But during war only the things which work are Devotion, Passion & Faith. You believe in your weapons, we only believe in our ALLAH.

    Just imagine, if your all weapons don’t work at the day of the war, what you will do?

  16. Abb larr lay India hamaray say, jo kehtay thay subah kay nashta Lahore mein siri paye ka ho ga…..
    jo subah ka nashta Lahore karnay chalay thay woh zindagi bhar ka khana bhool gaye….

    • Allah pak hr mahaz pak foj ko kamyabi ata frmai
      Pak foj ko zalim ka dushman mazloom ka madadgar bnae

    • Vikramaditya Chaudhury says:

      Phir se khufiya hamla bol Paki, phir se ‘Assal Uttar’ milega. Iss baar, Lahore choro, Islamabad le key rahenge. Khuda kasam. Tere watan ko duniya joota maarti hain, tujhe ‘Paaki’ naam diya hai. Kuch to sharm kar. India chand aur Mars pahunch chuki hain, tu abhi bhi Kashmir paaney ka sapna mein khoya hai? You are not even 3rd world, you are 5th. world. Wake up, smell the coffe and migrate.

      • Dear ab kya hua hy k modi sarkaar pakistan par hamly ki tayari kr rahi hai….? baki jo apne kaha hy mai os se agree karta hun n alfaaz k saat k pakistan ko agar kisi ne nuksaan pohonchaya hy to wo koi bahar ka nahi sb apny hain( nawaz sharif nd zardari type bewakoof aor corrupt log) jin k india mai business nd factries hain…baki mai r tum foji nahi so hamari batain waste of energy k ilawa kuch nai…

      • ye fitna aadmi ki khaana wiraani ko kya kam hy
        howey tum dost jinkey dushman oska aasman Q ho… (zardaari r nawaz k liye)

      • zain akbar says:

        see international news for the war 1965

  17. Ankit Tiwari says:

    Is there any reason why Wikipedia says India won and why whole world is saying that India defeated Pakistan in 4 wars? We even won a battle with China in 1962 and we got Sikkim which is now a state of India and don’t forget that 1/4th territory was given back to Pakistan by Indira Gandhi.
    Nehru went to UNO other wise we would have got whole of Kashmir in 1948, check even on YouTube or any other website, we reached in with tanks where you couldn’t even carry enough ammunition.
    In Kargil Conflict we faced huge casualties but we won.
    In Siachin could Pakistan do anything? NO.
    It usually happens in wars that both counties capture some tanks, some crashed planes and some guns. It doesn’t mean that they are brave. Pakistanis should come to Delhi Cantt and you will find lines of Pakistani tanks and planes.
    Surf the Internet and newspapers a bit more, check out Longewala Battle.

    • Azad Pakistani says:

      In order to command a justification of reliability, it would be vital to evaluate the end states or what were the strategic gains and what were the strategic loss. Achievement of mission or aims or denying the opponents aims and objectives is another barometer.
      1. Let us begin with 1948 War; The Kashmir Issue has been universally recognized as an unresolved dispute subject to will of Kashmirs. It will remain so in UN mandate whether India claims victory or otherwise. Indian claim of Kashmir being an inseparable part has been contradicted effectively.
      2. 1962 Run of Kuch; who has the Run of Kuch now is the victor.
      3. 1962 Indo- China War; ask from the Indian Army, they are still discussing this as a humiliating defeat.
      4. 1971 War; India certainly won that war and achieved the aims and objectives convincingly.
      5. Siachin Conflict; India did occupy an un-manned part through surprise but could not achieve the main objective of cutting Baltistan from rest of Pakistan. Even now India feels that it was a futile effort and was launched for egoistic objectives and did not serve any strategic gains to India in the long run.
      6. Kargil Conflict; Pakistan achieved its purpose of boosting Kashmir as nuclear flash point and asserted in internationalization the Kashmir Issue.
      you may like to reexamine the factual situations please.

      On the overall, India went to war to get Kashmir resolved and subjugate Pakistan, has she succeeded?
      Pakistan went to war to reassert Kashmir issue and to challenge hegemony of India. Has Pakistan achieved or not; you be the judge.
      Thank you.

      • Vikramaditya Chaudhury says:

        Sir, if you had won, Kashmir would have been a part of Pakistan. Is it? Your journalists and ex defence top brass are on Youtube giving interviews lambasting the Pakistani Governement for successive defeats in 65. 71 and 99. Indian journalists didn’t manufacture those videos, did they? Why did India have to give back 700 square mile of Pakistani territory (which it had captured) after the Tshkent declaration? Pakistan had 250 square miles of Indian territory in exchange. Pakistan had lost half its armour in 15 days, India was still manufacturing tanks to replenish its losses. Had the Indians not miscalculated their reserves and had let the war continue for 15 more days, where would we stand today? You do the math. The Indians did not take Lahore as it was not part of their objectives, unlike the Pakistanis who wanted to annex Kashmir from India. In hindsight, India should have driven to Lahore and then this debate would not have continued 50 years down the line. Pakistan was fighting a losing war that they had started. Anyway, ’71 and ’99 set the records straight. That is why, the world over, India is respected as India and Pakistan has given birth to the derogatory term of ‘Paki’. Enough said.

    • Rafique Ahmed Khan says:

      Dear Mr. Ankit Tiwari,
      With reluctance I have to clear our position as follows:-
      India – a country of more than on billion population has only very big ever ailing headache and that is Pakistan, hardly with a population of 18 millions. In spite of invading four times, India starts licking its wounds every time being humiliated & failing miserably to achieve its target of defeating Pakistan and taking back a major portion of Kashmir which Pakistan rightfully annexed at the time of Partition.
      Though Pakistan gave back a major chunk of East Punjab which was annexed during the 1971 War as a gesture of good will. When unable to resist Pakistan on the war front in Kashmir, India regardless of her big size & status, did not feel ashamed to beg the UNO for help. Eventually Pakistan had to stop her advance in the battle field after being assured by UNO for thorough consideration of the settled referendum by the Kashmiris to choose the country of their choice. Instead of abiding by the UNO resolution for the necessary referendum India has lingered on with delaying tactics and offering various diplomatic funny excuses. Thus breaking shamelessly the International Laws and Regulations and her commitments in this regard.
      The Indians never felt obliged to the Muslims who served India for almost 1000 years maintaining law and order in the country and successfully keeping it in one piece, making roads & highways like the one from Peshawar to Calcutta with all the facilities like drinking water and hotels (Sraaeys) accompanied with the Stables for their horses and other animals, Hospitals (Matabs), Castles & Forts, Cantonments for the army to defend India from outside attacks, Compilation & Maintenance of Land records, Schools (Madrassas), enforced the Islamic constitution, a master piece of Justice and Laws.
      The Hindus developed instead a deep hatred and complex against the Muslims. Eventually after being unable to exist under the condition of being hated to the point of no return, obtained a homeland by dividing India. The division of India has become as ever bleeding & incurable wound for the Hindus unnecessarily.
      Since the partition India remains the cause of turbulence in the region Almost all your small neighbors, and the minorities living in India have the same feelings with your hostile attitude; which must be changed for the sake of peaceful atmosphere of the region and your own safety.
      To end, it would be appreciable if the Indians do not kick the bomb & compel the Muslims to be the second country after America & the Last country in the World to start a Nuclear war and wipe India from the map as a big chunk of non-sense and convert it into small fragments of Independent but self dependent countries like Europe, Balkan & Middle East.

      • Vikramaditya Chaudhury says:

        Dear Sir, you started 4 wars against India and what have you achieved in 68 years? You are a poorer than poor fourth world country and we have reached the Moon and Mars, you are still trying to reach Kashmir. Keep attacking us, we will repulse you. Keep demanding Kashmir, the Kashmiris hate you. We are progressing. Leaving you behind. We are respected the world over, you are just a derogatory “Paki”. Can you digest this?

        • Dear Virk or what ever.
          PAKISTAN P for Punjab. A for Afghani territory. K for Kashmir. S for Sindh TAN for Balochistan. So Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir. When Lord Beaten was to divide the Sub continent then it was said territory major with musims will get one nation and Kashmir was major in muslim population. You did injustice in land division. We got no army, no major factory , no equal money and finance …. you took and filled your ass with all factories money and army and left Pakistan with poor condition the largest migration took in 47 and they left all property in your shit country to Join the PAK nation. You did injustice … Pakistan get tough time from its childhood …. but still it defeat you in 65. How can you forget all these. …. why people in Kashmir still flagged Pakistan Parcham??? You reached Mars but see Slum Dog , people living poorer life. India did always injustice from its Nehru to the terrorist MooDi…. do laae howay few moodi mooda hojaway…. so don’t mess with Pakistan …. !!! Chun Chun ke maray gay….. !!!

    • Hasan Jawaid says:

      So far, most sensible Indian military leadership and analysts have stayed away from calling Pakistan a loser, it has been mostly Indian armed forces leadership that has been the subject of criticism of Indian military analysts and politicians for lack of preparedness and thoughtfulness. Indian libraries are replete with post 1965 to 1999 Kargil events, just spend some time in the library. To broach Indo-Pak wars, one needs to have a deeper understanding of military strategy, long term strategic vision, and how long term benefits are achieved by staging war(s)/conflicts that produce long lasting results – surfing internet on serious matters reflects amateurism and lack of professional knowledge.

      Not sure how much military philosophy and strategy you possess, my apologies for saying this, because your comment does not reflect that. I don’t consider it more than a prank wasting everyone’s time on frivolous discussion.

      However, if you are serious in knowing the conflicts’ outcomes, I suggest you read military philosopher Clausewitz and understand the long term strategic goals that underpin the purpose of wars. According to Clausewitz, ‘War is diplomacy carried out by other means’. It is fought to achieve political and military objectives and if it fails to achieve that, it loses the war. Let’s see if Pakistan has achieved its goals.

      One of Pakistan’s biggest achievements and a powerful message to India has been that wars are not won by sheer size/strength and equipment alone. Has India understood this? Sure thing, it has changed from being a swagger to simply hurling threats. The dream to dis-integrate Pakistan hasn’t been abandoned yet, but it will be soon.

      Just a little comment over 1971 War, creation of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) was not the result of Indian army’s doing; rather, it was Pakistan’s own political injustice and unfair system that led to this division. It was insurgency and anti-state activities that caused Pakistan to split, not Indian army as implied by you. You might want to question your army pundits why Indian army was unable to do anything during 1999 stand-off in Kargil, you wouldn’t be able to digest what they were up against. A colossal size army and not being able to scare army less than half its size, a question that your parliament needs to raise and
      as a novice you need to ponder over.

      Another monumental achievement that emerged out of these conflicts was Pakistan’s ability to build its strategic weapons – a remarkable strategic achievement over India. Go and ask your military strategists and pundits if they would want to engage even in locally contained conflicts, would love to hear their response.

      Although West has rescued you time and again but just go and ask your current Prime Minister if he has the guts to raise war slogans the way he did when he was running elections? Would love to hear what he has to say, but it sure wouldn’t be palatable to you and your like minded friends.

    • zain akbar says:

      tivari jee see international news paper clips for 1965 war you will see the real.russia was your friend at 1965 interrupted and save you.
      kargle you two aircraft destroyed. many of solider killed you your self bag to US to pressure us 2 months you did nothing only weeping.
      sacchan. you captured no go area where there is no army.
      1971 ap ny hamari peeth my choora ghonpa

  18. In 1965, Ayub Khan halted the Pakistani advance on the outskirts of Akhnoor, the key town linking India with Indian occupied Kashmir, to replace General Akhtar with Gen Yahya. It was said, that Gen Akhtar was a brilliant tactician who had planned the victory and was popular among the men. This 48 hour delay allowed the Indians to rush reinforcements and the element of surprise had been lost. Otherwise Kashmir would have been liberated by now.

  19. Waji Khan says:

    Pakistan smashed India in 1965 and India had to involve UNO for stopping the war. What happened in 1971? India just took advantage of internal disorder of Pakistan.

  20. 65 war has some background evident to all. In fact the biased division of subcontinent resulted in injustice for Pakistan while allocating the Muslim populated areas. Pakistan defended in 65 war, & as the war is not one sided & both sides have achievements in this 17 days episode. Pakistan defended the thrust of 5 times bigger enemy & has better situation in the war as compared to Indian achievements. Indians claims of having lunch in Lahore & many other such verdicts remained in air, rather they were astonished to see that how & unprepared Army retaliated back on them.

    Again in 71 Indians benefiting from the situation in East Pakistan as usual opened fronts & divided Pakistan which happened due to our own failures. So we can’t say that it was Indian victory.

    Injustice is prevailing these days all over the world due to World powers &, so called other big countries trying to aquire the status of mini world powers, this piece of land has become hell. Actually this injustice has surfaced terrorism, so till the time (hardly possible) UNO is neutral & the race of injustice is over, we will face such nightmares.

  21. Maj (R) Shamim Ghazanfar says:

    I am proud to be a Pakistani soldier.

  22. Rahul Singh says:

    2-3 photo kya daal deye to tum jeet gae. Kabhi aao India itnay tank aur jahaaz dikhaun ga kay tumhari souch badal jaegi. Aao kabhi yaar!

    • India claims that it won all the wars, while the truth is that in 1948 it was India which ran to UN, in 1965 it begged for negotiations and in Kargil it suffered huge losses. If Nawaz Sharif would not have ducked under US pressure during Kargil Conflict, Kashmir had been a free territory today. No doubt Pakistan lost 1971 War but that too not due to Indian might but due to infighting between the leaders of its East and West wings. Definitely Hindus are very cunning and clever and they used the situation best to their advantage by using Bengali leadership and their discontent. But so what, even India suffered a humiliating defeat against China in 1962.

      • Kuldeep Rawat says:

        And what about the surrender by 90,000 Pakistani soldiers in 1971 War?

        • Mr. Kuldeep,
          Please read the above comment by ‘Truth is Eternal’ before posting, we accept ’71 as a humiliating defeat & losing of East Pakistan but as already said that was more of our own wrong doings. Indian cunningness just exploited the opportunity, just like British did with Siraj ul Daulah (Bengal) with the help of Mir Jafar..even in ’71..India wasn’t able to penetrate anywhere in West Pakistan.

    • Mr Singh.. We will really appreciate if you share some pictures from indian side as well..that should be interesting

    • Ghansara Singh says:

      Dear Rahul Singh,Sardar Jee , Zamana Badal chuka Hai, Ab to Atom ka Zaana Hai!!! Rehnay do, Hum siraf Atom Bomb aur missile banatay hain, Kabhi try kar leyna !!!!!

  23. Saad Maaz says:

    And this is why we love Pakistan.

  24. Pramod Ghai says:

    How about achieving objectives? LIBERATION of KASHMIR? Despite fighting a bloody war, rather had to give whole East Pakistan as BANGLADESH in 1971! Most humiliating moment in the history of Pakistan!
    LIVE and LET LIVE!

    • We accept ’71 as a humiliating defeat & losing of East Pakistan but as already said that was more of our own wrong doings.. Indian cunningness just exploited the opportunity.. just like British did with Siraj ul daulah (Bengal) with the help of Mir jafars..even in ’71..India wasn’t able to penetrate anywhere in West Pakistan.

  25. Qazi Tayab says:

    Allah o Akbar.

  26. Sharjeel Babar says:

    Keep it up my brother!! These Indians will try their level best to wash away our massive victories from our memories. They can’t do anything else. They just know how to attack, flee and then try to change the news.

  27. But India won the war!!

    • That’s what they tell you in India. What was the gain? You lost more men, IAF was rendered useless by PAF in 4 days. Couldn’t move beyond BRB, lost the tank battle in Chwinda, Khem Karen. Shastri rushed to UNO and begged for cease fire.
      India attacked on three fronts and lost on all three, so how did India win?????

    • Well if India had Won.. why dont we see you ruling us..?? I live in Lahore & I see no Hindus anywhere….

    • Irfan Khan says:

      Pakistan won the War, Lahore aaj bhi Pakistan mein hai!!

  28. Mrs. S. Nadeem says:

    A wonderful and patriotic act. May Allah bless you!!

  29. We are proud of our patriot Army men.

  30. Dr. Azhar Farid says:

    May Allah bless you and make every Pakistani like you!!!

  31. Maj Siraj Syed, USA says:

    You are doing a great service to bring out memorabilia of 1965 War. You are giving free service to your readers.

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